Welcome to the musical styles of Joe Kennedy. Music is life and life is worth playing. The different musical projects of Joe Kennedy can be found here. Whether it is Jazz or Blues that you are looking for, or something a little more personalized, Big Joe Kennedy can provide the right music for your atmosphere. Get Joe's newest album, "Brassiere Busting Boogie" from your favorite digital music retailer now! Tell your friends, wouldn't they like to experience this too? Big Joe performs nightly with the DUKES of Dixieland in New Orleans, LA, with Burgundy Burlesque every Friday night at the Saint Hotel, produced by Trixie Minx, solo piano every Saturday afternoon at 21st Amendment la Louisiane, and Saturday nights Joe can be found at Fritzel's Jazz Club on Bourbon Street with the Fritzel's All-Stars. Come say hi! #BrassiereBustingBoogie #CanYourPianoPlayerDoThis