Burlesque! Burlesque!

Joe's been playing the burlesque show Friday nights with #TrixieMinx for years, and has written some original songs for the ladies to dance to. Joe recorded this cd with the help of some local friends. Gerald French (Harry Connick, Jr., Dr. John, The Dixie Cups, Leroy Jones, Original Tuxedo Jazz Band, Preservation Hall Jazz Band, Charmaine Neville, Big Chief Bo Dollis and the Wild Magnolias, and more) on Drums, Ted Long (Irma Thomas) on Bass, and Ryan Burrage (Jacques Gauthe) on Sax. You can find the burlesque album "Brassiere Busting Boogie" on your favorite digital music provider.

Solo Piano album "504-TIFIED"

Big Joe released a solo piano album entitled "504-TIFIED" in April 2016. Half of the cd was recorded at the Old U.S. Mint, National Jazz Park, and the other half was recorded at Word Of Mouth Studios in New Orleans. 20 tracks of Joe getting down.

The Duel is ON!

Alright folks, I have recently began working with Felix & Fingers Dueling Pianos. They play a lot and have a mighty fine time while doing it. I'm bringing the Big Joe Kennedy style of playing and mixing it up with them and it's creating some very tasty nights of music. Please check out the Felix & Fingers website at www.felixandfingers.com

Joe joined the DUKES of Dixieland!

On September 1st, 2013 Big Joe Kennedy joined the DUKES of Dixieland in New Orleans. He performs with them nightly on the Steamboat Natchez when they aren't off performing for audiences. If you're coming down to the 'Big Easy' be sure to check out the group. www.dukesofdixieland.com www.facebook.com/DUKESofDixieland "The DUKES of Dixieland blow traditional jazz and Dixieland into the 21st Century, weaving strands of pop, gospel, and country with authentic New Orleans sounds. More than 39 years of tradition stand behind today's Dukes as they step forward with a sound that is durable and flexible, as jazz is meant to be. The DUKES have worn their New Orleans jazz heritage proudly as globe-trotting jazz ambassadors from the heart of the Big Easy. They are the oldest continuing Dixieland jazz band and have sold out such venues as The Hollywood Bowl, the Kennedy Center and the Smithsonian, to name but a few. Bright and brassy or smooth and dark as cane syrup, the DUKES bring a time-honored authenticity to all of the hits of Dixie's yesteryear."

Do you know what it means to miss New Orleans

Here ye, here ye, It's been a great summer so far but it's going to get better. I am joining the DUKES of Dixieland (www.dukesofdixieland.com) officially September 1st. as their piano player. I have been practicing 4+ hours a day for months preparing. I've had to learn a ton of new material and it has been a wonderful learning experience. I loved my time in New Orleans and am eager to get back there to see some friends and play some fantastic music! Come down and check us out if you are in the NOLA area. We play every night on the Steamboat Natchez Dinner Jazz Cruise on the Mississippi River as well as touring dates.

No News isn't always good news

YO! I'm back and at it again. The Joe Kennedy Project has been revived, revisited, and revolutionized. . . It is now Joe Kennedy and the Antidote. This band is for medicinal purposes only. Remember to join the mailing list, come to the live shows, and support live music. I'll be updating y'all regularly on here and hope to see you come to our live stuff. Upload your pics of us from shows on the Facebook, tag us in your tweets, and tell your mother,brother,sister,nephew,neighbor,niece,dogwalker,sister'sfriendfromhighschool,personal trainer,postaldeliveryperson,aunt,cousin,uncle,mechanic,landlady,coach,babysitter,girlfriend,exgirlfriend,boyfriend,other boyfriend, and anyone else you can think of how much fun you had at a Joe Kennedy show! We love to hear it. Don't forget, we also have a guestbook on this site too!!! Joe

The Project taking off

I have arranged my latest CD No Turning Back and more originals along with a diverse set of covers for a 7 piece band. We have a month long engagement at the Balcony Music Club, 1331 Decatur St. in New Orleans for the 5 Sundays of August 2010. Come check out this fresh new groove.

Moving On

Well, I have accepted a job teaching Piano and Jazz at The Louisiana Academy of Performing Arts in New Orleans. It is a year contract starting in Mid August. I am looking forward to teaching and playing in New Orleans.


THE Hard copy of my new album No Turning Back is now available. Contact me to order your copy now.


To purchase a digital copy of the new CD - No Turning Back go to www.myspace.com/bigjoekennedy and purchase tracks from snocap. It is on the top right of the screen just under the music player. A hard copy of the album will be coming soon. Artwork is currently under design by Bekah Just.

2nd album is still coming

Hey all, My 2nd CD, No Turning Back is wrapping up. All the tracks have been put down as of Dec. Now it's just fine tuning a few quirks and then mastering and production. Watch for it in a few months. It should be rolling out the door by July if I get it right.

Semester 1, over

Semester 1 of the Masters of Music Program went well. Lessons with David Loeb are pushing me in a new, and exciting direction.

Moving Out - Moving Up

Well, here is the good news. I have been accepted into Graduate School at University of Nevada- Las Vegas. I will be moving probably in July. Hoping to gig out there and start school in the fall.

New music samples coming soon.

Hey, by Saturday - Nov 18th, I will have samples of my jazz trio style, with Jared Logan on drums. Check these out and leave feedback of how you dig it.

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