Joe is a licensed K-12 Instrumental music teacher, and has years of experience teaching in the studio and classroom. Do you have an interest in piano or music theory? Want to take some lessons and play some fun tunes?

Virtual music lessons are easy and take place in the comfort of your own home! Let's talk if you'd like to try a few lessons. We can work out the details and start right away.  

If you are interested in lessons but don't want to commit to weekly times, check out the free adult piano lessons I create and share on youtube! These lessons follow a basic beginner adult piano book and cover the material of the book, play all the examples and songs, and offer pointers, insights, things to watch for in your own practice of the pieces, and other valuable instruction. You can watch the next lesson once you feel you've mastered the topics covered in one. 

Here is part of a lesson with the Burlesque Queen of New Orleans ~ Trixie Minx ( I have played piano for Trixie Minx shows since 2014. She came to me for piano lessons and I am delighted to be teaching her. There is no-one like Trixie. . . No-one. 

30 minute lessons

60 minute lessons

Jazz, Blues, Commercial Music

Improvisation, Songwriting