No News isn't always good news

YO! I'm back and at it again. The Joe Kennedy Project has been revived, revisited, and revolutionized. . . It is now Joe Kennedy and the Antidote. This band is for medicinal purposes only. Remember to join the mailing list, come to the live shows, and support live music. I'll be updating y'all regularly on here and hope to see you come to our live stuff. Upload your pics of us from shows on the Facebook, tag us in your tweets, and tell your mother,brother,sister,nephew,neighbor,niece,dogwalker,sister'sfriendfromhighschool,personal trainer,postaldeliveryperson,aunt,cousin,uncle,mechanic,landlady,coach,babysitter,girlfriend,exgirlfriend,boyfriend,other boyfriend, and anyone else you can think of how much fun you had at a Joe Kennedy show! We love to hear it. Don't forget, we also have a guestbook on this site too!!! Joe

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