Welcome to the musical styles of Joe Kennedy. Music is life and life is worth playing. Big Joe performs nightly in New Orleans. You can find him regularly at the Mahogany Jazz Hall and many other venues around town! Get Joe's newest album, Amalgamation on the music page!

Joe has shared the stage with notable artists and groups such as the Original Tuxedo Jazz Band, Gerald French, Wendell Brunious, Leroy Jones, Kevin Louis, Mark Brooks, Tom Fischer, Roderick Paulin, Charlie Halloran, Delfeayo Marsalis, Herlin Riley, Shannon Powell, Kid Chocolate, Stephen Walker, Herman LeBeaux Jr., Craig Klein, Meschiya Lake, George French, Richard Moten, Joe Lastie and his New Orleans Sound, Greg Stafford, Louis Ford, The Dukes of Dixieland (2013-2022), James Singleton, Al “Carnival Time” Johnson, and more! 

Come say hi!  #CanYourPianoPlayerDoThis #SpreadTheJam


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